UPS APC NBRK0750 NetBotz Rack Monitor

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4.120,74 KM
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Ureðaj za obezbjeðivanje optimalnih performansi IT opreme i monitoring okoline data centra ili rack ormara.
Sadrži: nosaèe za ugradnju u rack, senzor temperature / vlažnosti, USB kabel NBRK0750

Performance security and environmental system monitoring for network closets to data centers

Includes: Rack Mounting brackets, Temperature/Humidity Sensor, USB cable

4-port POE Switch: Built-in true private network switch for use with NetBotz Camera Pod 165 (NBPD0165)

Built-in Access Control Ports: Appliance includes integrated access control and door contact sensor ports for use with the stand-alone 125 kHz handle kit (NBHN125) and contact kit (NBES0303)

Dual Rope Leak Inputs: Dual rope leak sensor ports allow additional leak detection in two different directions

Expansive Security and Monitoring: Supports up to 78 wired sensors, 47 wireless sensors, access control for 26 rack doors, and 4 camera streams downstream of a single IP address

HD Camera Support: Supports the new HD, Low Light Camera Pod 165 (NBPD0165)

Rack Access Pod Support: Supports up to 12 Rack Access Pod 170s (NBPD0171) connected via daisy-chain

Sensor Pod Support: Supports up to 12 Sensor Pod 150s (NBPD0150) connected via daisy-chain

Physical access control: Grant authorized people access to equipment through proximity card authentication.

Surveillance: Detect and record motion, allowing a visual record to be paired with an access or environmental alert, which speeds root cause analysis.

Compliance ready: The rack access handle kits, provide an audit trail on who is accessing the enclosures so the organization can easily comply with data security regulations.

Native wireless sensor support: Manage up to 47 NetBotz wireless temperature and temp/humidity sensors from a single NetBotz

Camera Frame Rate: Up to 30fps
Type of Camera Pods Supported: Rack Sensor Pod 150, Room Sensor Pod 155
Camera Resolution: Up to 1280x1024
Type of External Sensors Supported: 0-5V, Door Contact, Dry Contact, Humidity, Smoke, Fluid Spot Leak, Temperature, Vibration
Number of Additional Camera Pods: 6.0
Number of Additional Sensor Pods: 78.0
External Sensor Ports: 4